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9 | Gae Aulenti, Giova LED, lampada da tavolo / table lamp, 1964 - 2017 10 | Claesson Koivisto Rune, Optunia, lampada da terra / floor lamp, 2017 11 | Francesco Librizzi, Setareh, lampada a sospensione / suspension lamp, 2017 12 | Claesson Koivisto Rune, Optunia, lampada a sospensione / suspension lamp, 2017 13 | Claesson Koivisto Rune, Optunia, lampada da tavolo / table lamp, 2017 9 11 Optunia interprets in a contemporary key the bedside, reading lamp. LED technology and a simple and refined mechanics, in line with the “new” FontanaArte. What is the origin of this project? It was born from the observation of living spaces and of the needs of contemporary lifestyle. Nowadays the spaces to lit are not so defined, the space in houses is “liquid” and the different functions are mixed. We wanted to propose a type of light that would follow these new habits. Thanks to the formal resume of ClaessonKoivistoRune, we were capable of linking to pure shapes – two circles – that have rotations in two different axes to direct light and interpret space. Optunia allow us to have only reflected light when the light source is pointed upwards and, at the same time, to have a punctual light source on an object or workpl ane. The interaction with a product is a topic dear to us and, for this reason, we made possible to differently direct light thanks to the two diffusers’ rotations. The reflectors’ aesthetic is made pleasant by the shape and materials: printed glass and metal coexist to express a simple functionality. 10 allow us to have a bigger critical mass and market penetration, through an integrated distribution especially between kitchen and bathroom on one side and living and lighting on the other one, not considering the contract asset, nowadays more than strategic for the residential, hospitality and yachting fields on a global scale. Ours is a paradigm change, which we believe may be if not the formula of the future, an indication to make sustainable the future of Italian “jewels”. The collections designed by Librizzi e Buratti, recall themes, colours and materials that 13 48 LUCE 321 / INCONTRI are really far from the products presented only two years ago, now Fontana Arte takes back its identity and relaunches. A big bet. The asset that makes FontanaArte unique is surely its heritage and we at ItalianCreationGroup wanted the brand to take it back. We are talking about a company that made the history of design and decorative lighting, that was capable not only of designing and building some of the most representative icons of Italian design, but also of making them almost immortal on worldwide markets. The perceived value of the product also lies in its lifespan and in the historical value that it acquires during time. To give an object a timeless value, materials also have to last. With this principle in mind, we started again with the collection presented at Euroluce 2017, with which we recalled the history of FontanaArte and glass – used in all its possible variations and in 6 different technologies – linked to the most precious metals of this sector, such as black nickel, gold, copper and brass. ItalianCreationGroup wanted to take back this value, respecting it and proposing what we though a future Gio Ponti would have written in 2032. 12 This year the Company introduced seven new products, but it also introduced LED technology on eight historical icons. A retrofitting project that left unchanged the aesthetic, thus it is a solution that will allow these luminaires t o last another fifty years? Exactly, but the premise is not only to serve new generations with a contemporary technology, but also to highlight how these myths designed many decades ago were proper archetypes, that represented a new type of products and a trend, such as the first convertible car or the first solitaire in jewellery. Luminator, Naska, Bilia and Fontana are icons that, with LED technology, we decided to call “LEDive”, immortal beauties in the international unconscious such as me Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida or Claudia Cardinale.