LTWL Hunter Online LTWL Hunter Online 2016 - Page 31

Hunting Traditions: The I watched Ed do this a number of times on this trip, including with a bull he called in from well up drainage to the beaver pond beside our river, where Ed had set up. Ed dropped him, a nice mid-50’s bull less than 50 yards from the river. Ed taught me more about moose hunting and the art of calling moose on this hunt than I had learned in all of my previous hunting trips put together and over the next several years, I would prove to be a good student. I passed on several good bulls, including one that my buddy Steve Tousignant from Minnesota (who joined us on this trip), still calls me crazy for passing up. However, with Ed’s bull on the ground, we had plenty of meat and I had promised myself that I would not take one unless we either needed the meat or if he was that “once in a lifetime” bull we all yearn to shoot! I always want to do my best to ensure I have a tag in my pocket in case I come across that “once in a lifetime” bull. I’d much rather not pull the trigger and go home empty handed, than to have to stand and watch my “once in a lifetime” bull walk off into the sunset. few good trophies, but this time when I left I was determined to improve my moose cow calling skills. I was learning and each year I found one or two more things I could improve. I knew that I would do this hunt as often as the Good Lord was willing to provide me with the health and good fortune to do these remote wilde