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Hunting Traditions: The Learning Years Part 2 Trivia: What do you see on this caribou that is very unique and seldom seen? Answer: Caribou have points which are called shovels and bezels. They almost always branch off from the bull’s main beam, each with their own branch. What is unique about this caribou is that its bezels and shovels are attached to the same branch off the main beam. about three miles out, walking the walk that would take him right below our glassing ridge. I began praying that this old boy would make it to where I could make a successful stalk. He was with 16 other bulls. His top on one side was palmated with double fork tines, making him easy to spot from his buddies. It took them a long time to finally make it to our position and by the time I headed to the river, I knew enough about him to easily pick him out. I shot and dropped him in almost the same spot as Jeff’s bull. We each had a great caribou, so we packed our gear, loaded the raft and headed down river to our second base camp. We stopped and called several times while floating down river. Every place we stopped was covered with caribou, moose, wolf and bear tracks, but we did not see a single footprint nor did we see a plane for the first seven 23