LTWL Hunter Online LTWL Hunter Online 2016 - Page 15

Back to A K S A L A Express Pile Driver arrow. The behind the shoulder and had beach. small diameter of my arrow a clean pass through on the dream of harvesting a Barren accompanied with heavy grains Caribou. The bull made his way Ground Caribou with my bow. per inch allow for almost no wind up the beach and started lagging drift so I was confident in taking behind the group. He ended up the shot in those conditions. I going a hundred yards up the drew my bow and waited for bank before he entered the river the right moment to release the and expired. arrow. I released, the shot was lethal, I fulfilled a life-long We spent the remainder of our time fishing Greyling and eating Caribou on the banks of the Ambler River underneath the blanket of the Northern Lights, After retrieval from the river, making this trip something I will we processed him right on the never forget. 15