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#LOVETHYSELF INSPIRING WOMEN TO FIND THEIR AUTHENTIC POWER ATIA SHERROD Atia, is a N.C. Native but resides currently in NJ. She's always been the type to make things happen on her own with as little help from others. She's very determined to build her brands not only for herself but for her future kids. There's no stopping this girl on the go! She's been recognized with numerous awards such as the "Purple Heart Award"  as well been interviewed   for all the things that she has done with the #Lovethyself brand. THE BRAND Atia, came up with the idea of #Lovethyself through all her heartbreaks and self-confidence issues. She used to feel alone and at times never knew where or who to turn to. One day out of the blue she decided to stand on her own two and create #Lovethyself. It became her personal daily journey, and then she started realizing she wasn't alone, there were actually women/girls who felt and thought the same things as her. #Lovethyself is a series of women empowerment events in different states, where the topics of love, life and business is spoken about. At these events there's always women entrepreneurs who are willing to teach women and girls about self-awareness, self-love and self-confidence. #Lovethyself pretty much enlighten women on understanding their authentic power, it's also good for women and girls who are seeking change. They may feel out of touch with life, their business, being a parent, being in a relationship and they're looking to be aligned with their purpose. 2,500 Followers @1stlovethyself 387 Followers @1stlovethyself 1,010 Followers