LST Zine 2 - Page 4

You. are. human

you. are. worthy


By Basma Qazi

Do you know how hard it it? Living on your own two wings?

You give and your keep arms length because you feel so different, so

undeserving, so no worthy.

You comfort yourself in this notion, thinking your purpose was just different. Born to be a mountain to lean on, blessing those with your beauty, your grace and your serenity.

And this is why you keep yourself frigidly cold thrusting yourself in a vicious ridiculous cycle. You tell yourself you must become the rock because your are a rock.

Or are you the rock because you have forced yourself to become it?

You. Are. Human.

You are human in your brea(d)th and your flesh, the curves of your wrist the bend of your knees and the earth beating against your feet. The sun looks to you as brightly as it does the rock.

You. Are. Worthy

You are worthy of a smile, eyes peeled back wide glistening pupils taking you inside exposing you are hollow, rebuilding again. Each bursting boom of glory tumbling its way down making its home in your cave.

Instagram: @basmacuexxpoetry