LST Zine 2 - Page 25

Aaron and I were floor mates at Rutgers University. We met when he was a Segment Producer for the RU-tv Network and cameraman for Big Ten Student U.

He is personable, friendly, open and has a really good sense of humor. Somehow between school, interning for companies like WABC and his everyday obligations, Aaron always made time to enjoy life. In his free time he plays piano, he also went to LA for a community service trip and was an orientation leader.

You might recognize Aaron as Aaron Farrar from the WTAP news team, which he joined in 2015 right after graduating. This called for him to move to West Virginia, a pretty good distance from New Jersey, but a pivotal moment in his life. He met his wife stepped into sports journalism and started taking leaps in career and personal goals.

Don't be fooled though, wherever life leads him will always remain a loyal fan to the New York Knicks.