LST Zine 2 - Page 13


"A light worker who creates change through activism"

Care to share your best moments with EH?

One of my best moments with Empowering Her was when I reached out to Nitty Scott about performing at my Femme Festival and she agreed. I never thought my organization would be on the level to possibly get someone involved at that level.

Did you hit any road blocks in your journey?

I have hit many road blocks in my journey. I would have to say starting it was the hardest, because I was more unsure about it in the beginning. I needed more validation to execute events, strategy and goals. As time went on I became more autonomous and say the impact on so many levels within the female community.

Most people feel their brands as part/ a representation of them, do you agree with this and why?

Yes, Empowering Her is basically like a light aura of me. The entire brand represents my beliefs, values and the simple things I like. I love flowers and the underlying meaning of all things beautiful. It carries me through the dark times and leads me to be the women I could only dream of. If someone would have asked me if I would be the creator of a movement for women at 15 I would have laughed.