LST Zine 2 - Page 12

FDescribe yourself in one sentence.

A light worker who creates change through activism.

Since Empowering Her's debut it seems to have grown quickly. What's your secret?

I really have no secret. Empowering Her is an extension of myself. I’ve learned that as long as I am being real with myself, everything always falls into alignment.

You're online presence is impressive. How does it make you feel knowing that you have an audience that resonates with your content?

This makes me extremely proud and thankful that I honored myself enough to take this on. Originally, Empowering Her was named Empowering Queens and when I made the change the entire platform took a turn for the better. When I limited my market it became stagnant and wasn’t as received as I would have liked it to be. So I changed the name, the logo and built from there. I feel like my content speaks volumes because I lead by example. I am not promoting or advocating for anything I don’t stand for and that shows.

However, I know that sometimes my audience gets confused because what my business says is that;“ Women and Girls Matter and Women and Girls can and will lead.” I am leading a revolution that is branded with flowers and pink with sparkles but stands for something so radical. Unfortunately, society bends to patriarchal ideologies and I get hit with questions about my stance and what it means to be me. I never get offended because if I am creating controversy, whether my audience likes it or not, I am making them think.

Peaking through your Instagram, I saw 'The Free Girl Project.' Can you explain what it means to be a Free Girl?

To be a Free Girl means to be a wild, walking revolution. It means to stand alone but to inspire many. A Free Girl is someone who can say “Fuck what society says I should be, this is what I am. If I bent to the will of society's views, opinions or ideas forced on me I wouldn’t be finishing this interview-- I would be dead either in the physical or dead within my purpose.

I created this project because I needed to validate that “ I never should be sorry for being myself. I always need to be unapologetic.