LST Zine 2 - Page 11

What inspired you to start Empowering Her?

Empowering Her was inspired by my pain. It was created as a means to lead girls and women towards the path of transcendence. Empowering Her, in a way, was an outlet for me to be creative, empowered and passionate. Building it over the last four years helped me manage trauma and reinvent myself.

The events of my past have caused me to need some way out of it all. Empowering Her was and has been my way out since I was 21 years old.

What are some values you hope every girl/woman EH comes in contact with takes away from your program?

Overall I hope that the girls learn to explore themselves and understand that “you must lead to create the life you desire” meaning that you cannot be a spectator in your own life. I hope the girls/ woman learn to be leaders in their communities, work environments and creative endeavors. My organization focuses on women and girls of color, and often times I find that leadership skills are not prioritized and definitely not taught. We are not taught to be leaders but to follow and allow life to happen to us. My program's mission is to create the female leaders of tomorrow.