LPHR Magazine (March 2013) - Page 60

CULTURE LPHR 3/13 An important step in your own leadership development is to know your culture and how to implement techniques into your daily management practices to create a more successful, lasting impact. You will be called upon to incorporate leadership practices daily. The purpose of understanding your culture, its philosophy and your leadership is to enable you to expand your impact. Whether you decide to create engaging games with your team, build a stronger sense of community through simple recognition techinques or ingrain an empowering sense of pride into your organization through frequent feedback communication sessions, you will better understand how to focus on your leadership strengths to truly make a difference. In mastering your leadership, you create an environment where people are focused on the BIG picture. You carry the law of the lid in your leadership actions and have the power to turn the most failing business into the greatest place on the planet. When you lead, you not only improve your own skills, you build an organization where people work together for common goals; where people are excited about their roles and feel both valued and appreciated; where people can earn the income they need AND have the opportunity to grow professionally; most importantly, where people can have some fun making it all happen. MARCH 2013 | LPRH.CO