LPHR Magazine (March 2013) - Page 46

CULTURE LPHR 3/13 TEAM Promoting a positive work place environment goes a long way. One of the ways organizations can contribute to this is through team building exercises or events. Team building sessions can build a sense of community and play a significant part in making members feel valued or appreciated. When any group of people get together, it can be effective to begin with a “welcome exercise” that’s simple. fun and relationship oriented. A great way to get the group comfortable and engaged from the start, is to break into random groups for an introductory activity. HR Professionals can design team building exercises around a review session for basic leadership skills, company policy review (i.e. employee relations, conflict resolution, workplace conduct, etc.) or other attributes related to building a positive work environment. It’s important to make the material relevant. One way to do this is to incorporate different scenarios or problems recently experienced within the organization. Appropriate discretion should be used to ensure focus is placed on the opportunity to build upon the situations, rather than to the actual event itself. During team building sessions, it’s equally important to review basics with your team as it is to enlist feedback from them. Reviewing the fundamental basics of company guidelines always serves as a good refresher for many managers and leaders. Everyone wants to be heard. Spending time to ask quality questions of your team encourages an atmosphere where participation is encouraged and their input or suggestions are important. HR Professionals can open discussions focused on continuous quality improvement by asking questions like: What areas do we have to improve as a team? Are we on track to build for the future? What suggestions do you have? What steps have you personally taken towards improving our organization? What roadblocks have you found and how did you overcome them? MARCH 2013 | LPRH.CO BUILDING A Leaders can utilize different communication tech \]Y\\[X[HZ[[X]]Y\ˈX]H\[[XZ\[HY[[YY[\XX]Y \\Hو[Y[Y[[]HH\X[\Xۈݙ\[X]]K\Y\X[HZ[[\[ۜ[[[X]H[\X]Y]XX[\X][ۈوH]Y]YX]\X[XܛHܙ[^][ۋ\Y[\YۛYH[]]X[\X[[HYܙK\[[Y\X[HZ[[\[ۜ˂