LPHR Magazine (March 2013) - Page 3

user guide user guide GO BACK TO THE GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PREVIOUS PAGE Tap this arrow to return to Tap this arrow visited. the page you last to return to the page you last visited. LPHR LPHR FAVORITE ARTICLES FAVORITE ARTICLES Tap to save and store Tap to save and like to articles you would store articles you refer to later. would like to refer to later. TAP TO GO “HOME” TAP TO LIBRARY TO YOURGO “HOME” TO YOUR LIBRARY Browse your selection of Browse your selection of downloaded issues. downloaded issues. CONTENTS MENU CONTENTS MENU This drop-down menu This drop-down menu lets you preview each article; lets you preview tap to open a story. each article; tap to open a story. “BROWSE” MODE “BROWSE” allows you to scan MODE allows tap to open the issue;you to scan the issue; tap to open a story. a story. TO TURN TO TURN THE PAGE THE PAGE tap the side TO READ TO READ A STORY, A tap the STORY, cover tap the line. cover line. tap the swipe margins orside margins You the screen.or swipe the forward of can goscreen. You can go forward backward. Once or backward. Once you’re on a page, you’re on an you may see a page, you may see an arrow that looks arrow ↓ looks like this: thatScroll to like this: ↓ Scroll reveal more to reveal content. more content. tap the screen bring up the page to bring Scroll to viewer.up the page viewer. Scroll to preview the preview the pages, then pages, then release to jump release story. to that to jump to that story. TO BROWSE TO BROWSE THE ISSUE, THE ISSUE, tap the screen to TO BRING TO BRING UP THE UP THE NAVIGATION NAVIGATION BAR, BAR, tap the bottom of tap the bottom the screen. of the screen.