LPHR Magazine (March 2013) - Page 21

THE VALUE OF RECOGNITION Everyone wants someone to care about them when things are good, and just as much when things are not so good. This solidifies a strong sense of commitment and appreciation in organizations. Companies can create and contribute to a quarterly newsletter that reiterates boundary spanning practices and communications. Here is always a good place to recognize achievements, announce upcoming events, celebrate business or department “wins”, share relevant industry news, list birthdays and anniversaries of your employees , or talk about recent progress initiatives in a new community enrichment program as a way of encouraging individuals across business locations to get involved. Let’s face it... your employees spend a great chunk of time working for their companies each week. It is always nice for them to have something to take home and share with their families, especially when they are involved in the process. A little recognition goes a long way. Organizations can also implement “Shining Star” programs (ie. Employee of the Month/Year) to recognize people who consistently demonstrate behaviors aligned with the shared mission, vision and values. It is both very wise and cost effective for companies to MARCH 2013 | LPRH.CO agement Team each quarter, and becomes eligible to win the grand prize at the end of the year. Invite the winners to share photos from their trip in the company newsletter when they return or include their achievement as an anIt’s recognition like this that continues nouncement in your customer mailings. to be talked about throughout the entire next year ahead and that’s chatter that re- Other simple structures within cominforces your organizational culture for munity recognition practices include the better. Imagine the excitement for recognizing employee birthdays or the winner. Imagine the excitement for anniversaries with hand written cards someone coming out of unemployment mailed to their home. Anytime there and into a new career where everyone is is a chance to celebrate something talking about the paid trip to Hawaii your (weddings, births, etc.) the company newly assigned mentor just returned from should take the opportunity to recogsimply by committing to your customers. nize its people. Even in the unfortuLayering in ongoing practices within your nate event of a death, employers who recognition program keeps the momentum send flowers to their employee’s famgoing. Everyone likes to receive rec- ilies (in addition to bereavement pay ognition from their peers. It fosters policies) see that it goes a long way. a sense of team building and promotes a sense of value for people in the There are many cost effective ways to company. Leaders can celebrate promote ongoing recognition in service Shining Stars monthly by present- such as with “year of service” pins and ing them with a Engraved Plaque quarterly sales awards programs that enor having their photo taken for the courage performance based behaviors. company newsletter. Each monthly winner attends a lunch with the CEO/Manmake a program like this a really, really big deal. A prime example is to present the winners at the end of each year and include a surprise prize for a trip or cruise vacation (for two) of their choice. PHOTO CREDIT Muse-Templates