LPHR Magazine (March 2013) - Page 18

SAMPLE PROCEDURE: CONFLICT RESOLUTION STEP ONE Employees should attempt to resolve issues with employees involved. This attempt should take place in private. Issues should be approached with humility and the intent to learn. The conversation should focus on problem solving and improving the overall process. Finger pointed should be avoided. STEP TWO If issues cannot be resolved, the employee should direct their concerns with their immediate supervisor. STEP THREE If the discussion with the immediate supervisor does not resolve the problem to the mutual satisfaction of the employee and the supervisor, the employee should direct the issues with the next level of management or Human Resources. Human Resources may call a meeting to facilitate a resolution and increase understanding between functions. Employees may direct their concerns through mail, email, phone or private discussion. Resolving issues will be treated with confidentiality and respect, in a timely matter, serving as a learning experience.