LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 6 - Page 35

UMHLANGA INTERCLUB SPECIES INVITATIONAL (July 21st – 23rd) Say hi to Steph and Mikala at our mobile stand which will have some of the latest Lowrance units on display for viewing. They’ll give you advice and tips on all models in our Hook, HDS and Elite Ti ranges. SABAA PROTEA INTERNATIONAL AND PRESIDENTS TEST (July 22nd – 29th) Our top anglers from around the country have been very busy preparing for the Protea Region 5 International and the Presidents Test which take place later this month. Each team comprises 12 anglers, a reserve and a manager. The Region 5 contest will be held at Lake Claw near Kadoma in Zimbabwe (two hours south of Har &RF2W6Fr6WFFv6VRffRF2GFVBv7@V6FW"( 26WFg&6֖&&'vR&B&VPvRv&R66VǒfvrW w&6R&76F'2FR&W6FVG2FW7Bv7B&'vPFW26RBFFfW"FP6RvVVF2V6FW7B6v66W2FR60bFRvW'2WB֖ƖRFFRF6FW2FR6WFF2VB6WFg&6WfW'FW&FRV"&FFR4B&'vRFV2fPVFvVB#Fv&G2FR4$FWfVVBv&VW72FFfRf FR#b#r6V6( 2v6v&PV6VBGW&rFR&W6FVG2FW7BFR&w&RG&GV6W2666G&Vg&FR66VGF&72f6r( 266fW&rW &W76&ƗGFv&G2FRVf&V@BFR66WBb6F6B&VV6RFfGV26V'2'W6W76W2vvVBƖRF767BF2&V7B0vV6RF6F7Bצ#sss3C2ॖW"7W'Bv&R&V6FVBw&6R6WFg&6#3