LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 18 - Page 7

We We are are bringing bringing in in TWO TWO different different editions/series editions/series and and two two different different sizes: sizes: The BLADE edition is the premium option- it is “stronger, faster and better.” Blade Power-Pole anchors utilize a ported-arm design and are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium to minimize weight. Anchor lengths of 8 and 10 feet allow you to securely hold in shallow water.The Blade edition is the fastest deploying and strongest holding anchor system, and is available overseas in blue, black, white or red colour options. We only keep stoc k of the black and white colour options in South Africa, but can always order the blue or red Blades for you, if you would prefer it! The differences between each series includes the finish, the hardware used in construction, pump speed (deployment time), and sizes offered. The blade series also offers the soft-close system – so the spike closes “softly” onto the U-channel when stowing. If you want more detail on the specifications and pricing of the Blade and Pro Series - you can go onto our website: www.lowrance.co.za