LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 18 - Page 5

The traditional method of slipping an old-school anchor over the side works, but that technique is noisy, time- consuming and not exact. It can also damage sensitive underwater habitats. And using the “anchor feature” on trolling motors causes constant turbulence in the water, and is noisy too! Power-Pole anchors will allow you to quickly — and quietly — keep boats stationary in order to cast to wary fish. Power-Pole anchors are made to work in water no deeper than 10 or 8 foot, and they can be mounted on boats measuring up to 28 foot and weighing up to two tons. They are perfectly suited to bass anglers. The Power-Pole system uses a hinged lightweight metal arm that extends down and away from a boat’s transom. A hydraulic pump drives the integrated fiberglass spike into the bottom to hold the boat in place. The spike can hold place in any kind of bottom, and it’s also gentle on the environment. Added to that is the fact that the spike is virtually indestructible! It can stand up to the harshest conditions. And Power- Pole put their money where their mouth is, with their unconditional LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Everflex spike! There are many different ways of operating Power-Pole anchors... they are controlled wirelessly with the use of a remote, and they also link via Bluetooth to your Lowrance unit. They will work with either HDS or Elite Ti units - all Power-Pole functions can be accessed directly from your Lowrance screen. You never have to take your eyes off your Lowrance, so you’ll never miss that perfect fish arch! Spot the fish, and immediately deploy your Power-Pole anchor! There is also the option to purchase an additional wireless footpad switch kit.