LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 18 - Page 30

Best of all - the units are linked via NMEA 2000 and if there’s a prob- lem with one of them – you don’t lose momentum because you can continue viewing on another linked unit.” He goes on, “You can buy any brand you want but you can’t buy the backup and personal relationship we have with Low- rance. John and Steph offer fan- tastic support and are always willing to help with tips, advice and troubleshooting – even over the phone.” Clifford’s PB is a 61cm Bass caught at Midmar Dam in 2015. He has skippered in a number of deepsea Junior Nationals and SADSAA tournaments and he has big dreams for the future. Slideshow He and Gavin would like to win the Joeys Series – they’re current- ly sixth on the log and with two tournaments to go (there are eight and grand final), they should make the finals. The top 10 teams from each region will go to the SABAA Super Final in Mpumalanga and the winning team will win a trip to the USA to take part in the B.A.S.S series. He has his family behind him all the way. Wife Tarryn is the “boss” of Joey’s Towing Tournament Trail – doing all the admin and run- ning the weigh station. His daughter Caitlyn (13) enjoys out- ings to the dam and his son Tristan (7) has caught the bug and fishes at every opportunity. Slideshow