LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 18 - Page 20

DEALER FOCUS BOULEVARD CYCLES Tzaneen This month we focus on our dealer in Tzaneen - Boulevard cycles – a family-run business which was started in 1983 by Piet Spaans, a well-known Artlure angler. The main focus at and over the years the shop evolved into a When Piet retired in 2000, the company was taken over by Frank and Priscilla Van Eetveldt. Priscilla had worked for Piet for many years while Frank had spent 31 years in the engineer- ing world. Priscilla has her boating connections – her brother John Bulpitt was well-known in spent many years in the boating industry in South Africa (importer of Rebel and Ranger Bass boats). Priscilla and Frank’s action-mad son Gary ( who joined the business after school and remembers how he and his siblings virtually grew up in the shop and they worked for “Oom Piet” during their holidays. SLIDESHOW