LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 18 - Page 18

Our Lowrance Brand Ambassador (Kayak and Jetski angling fundi) Mick Clarke says: “I have been fortunate enough to see Sardines every year since 2004 when I first moved to South Africa. I actually witnessed my first Sardine Run in 2002 while I was here on holiday from the UK. That was it, I was hooked on the Sardine Run! I was always told that you know when the Sardines are coming when the Aloes bloom along the Natal Coast. Of course, with the emergence of social media who needs Aloes! Wow this year has been a revelation for me with Sardines beaching and being netted everywhere and often netters have netted multiple nets per day. The first few nets were on the lower South Coast; St Michaels and Pumula area. As the Run progressed most of the action has been be- tween Sezela in the South and Illovo beach in the North. This year’s Sardine Run has generated huge public inter- est due to the sheer number of Sardines on our coast. Even when they are not being netted as they are too deep, the shoals can be seen throughout the day, but especially in the early morning. The netters have really engaged the public this year by being active on social media and I’ve seen many of them giving away crates and crates of free Sardines.” Their nutritional value of sardines legendary and a single serving has around 23 grams of protein and is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and potassium. They are a particularly good choice for children and preg- nant women. These oil-rich fish are also delicious on the braai: Sprinkle the Sardines with salt and cook whole, on a very hot fire! Mick Sent us this awesome Footage... Take A Look! VIDEO