LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 18 - Page 14

SABAA’s Junior Competitive Bass angling has seen many youngsters not only grow into junior Protea anglers, but also become formidable senior competitors. In the process they learn to respect the local resource while exercising good sportsmanship and respect for their fellow man. SABAA is however more than just a sport fishing governing body. They also work closely with local anglers and conservation organisations to protect the environment. A new initiative is that the membership fee of R100 per year goes directly towards a Conservation Fund setup for future projects to sustain the sport of bass angling nationally. (There is a different fee to enter the respective competitive trails – such as Kickboating Tournament trails and Provincial trials). SABAA Provincial President (1 of 8) SABAA Provincial Conservation Officer SABAA Vice-President SABAA Provincial Chapter President (1 of n) SABAA Provincial Chapter Vice-President SABAA Provincial Chapter Secretary SABAA Provincial Chapter Treasurer SABAA Provincial Media Liaison Officer SABAA Treasurer SABAA Provincial Vice-President SABAA Secretary SABAA Provincial Secretary SABAA Media Liaison Officer SABAA Provincial Treasurer