LOWRANCE SOUTH AFRICA Lowrance Issue 18 - Page 13

They work tirelessly to administer and promote the sport while looking after their partners – such as Lowrance South Africa, who have sponsored SABAA for many years. They currently field in excess of 160 events annually, with the flagship events being Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, Inter-Provincials and Team Tournament Trails, though which the respective anglers qualify for the following teams: SABAA is the only official body that can Provincial Teams, Junior Protea Team, award Provincial and Protea colours to its Team Trail Final berths to the BASS Team members that participate in organised Tournament Championships in the USA, competitive angling throughout eight of Senior Region 5 Protea Team, World the nine Provinces and over the years Championships Protea Team and the they’ve become a force to be reckoned BASS Nation Contender (Boater and with on the international field. Non-Boater). Our Bass fishing is world class – the XIII Black Bass Fishing World Championships was hosted by SABAA on the Vaal River last year and the competitors unani- mously voted this one of the best-run events ever. Apart from their drive for ex- cellence, Craig and his team’s passion for Bass fishing fuels the need to safeguard the sport for future generations. Their holistic approach has seen the initiation of develop- ment programs to five respective categories under the SABAA umbrella. These include “Kick Boating”, “Junior Competitive Angling, Senior Competitive Angling and Team Tournament Trail Angling. This ensures the sport is accessible to all - from rookies to veterans, recreational to competitive and means anglers from all walks of life can achieve their highest potential.