v The recent update that was released by Navionics is relevant for ALL charts! The new update includes improved satellite overlay and all-new SonarChart Shading. Navionics has combined these two features into one single chart layer- offering you the best view on one GPS screen. When you purchase a freshest data subscription, it allows you to update your Navionics chart as many times as you like for ONE year. Updates do not only include awesome features like the SonarChart shading, but ALSO updated contour detail and community edits. Basically your chart becomes New: A Combined Layer more accurate and efficient. Satellite Overlay: updated and optimized for the You can select which individual features you want coming boating season, offers a top-down view of to update- but we suggest you just “select all.” inland and coastal areas. We recommend updating your chart every few SonarChart Shading: months in order to make sure that your map is created from the high-definition contour data always current. within SonarChart, presents a detailed rendering of the seafloor and lake bottoms in varying shades Here are some screenshots from of blue. The new update means that you will have enhanced situational awareness at a glance! the Durban and Sodwana Bay coastlines- including new detail from the recent Navionics update: Satellite Overlay: Crisp satellite photography can be displayed on land only, land and shallow water, or *PLEASE NOTE that the photo transparency needs full overlay- visible on water at closer zoom levels. to be adjusted if you want to see the contour lines. SonarChart Shading: A detailed rendering of the seafloor delivers a unique perspective of underwater topography at a glance. What You Can Do… The new update allows you to clearly see channels, drop-offs and other structures over a wide area for a better understanding of the seafloor. And you can search the map for visual cues to identify fish-holding structure on inland lakes and coastal fisheries. If you have purchased your Navionics chart within the last 12 months, you will still have a freshest data subscription and that means that you can receive this update for free! If your chart is over one year old, your freshest data subscription has unfortunately expired and you will need to purchase a new one directly from the Navionics website. See link below: https://www.navionics.com/fin/charts/features/ satellite-overlay You are always welcome to call our head office in Durban if you have any questions regarding Navionics updates, or all other mapping enquiries for your Lowrance unit.