This golf day proved to be such a huge success – another event is planned for next year, but on a much bigger scale. Victor says there has already been huge interest from fishermen and major industry players! Lowrance SA also supports – the Matusadona Anti-Poaching Project (MAPP) which is a joint initiative with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA), conservation organisations and tour operators, aimed at protecting fish and wildlife resources in and around the Matusadona National Park. The Project’s objective is to provide logistical support to ZPWMA in their efforts to contain illegal poaching activities. “MAPP started operations early in March 2013 and has been successful in detaining and confiscating numerous Zambian fishing boats, arresting their occupants and taking them to be tried at the Kariba courts. Some have received 12-month jail terms. Regular patrols are conducted into the Sanyati Gorge where illegal fishing nets are confiscated, boats sunk, and temporary camps destroyed.” Read more about this project on their website: http://www.wildzambezi.com/directory/175/ matusadona-anti-poaching-project- mapp#listing_about Take a look at this recent Facebook Post where we were named among the many concerned people in the marine industry of Southern Africa.