• Hook units are extremely clever. You can let them do all the thinking for you! They include Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) which reduces the need to manually adjust settings to see fish, structure and bottom detail more clearly. There is no lengthy learning process – just turn on and fish! • Hook units have a convenient page selector menu with quick access to all features using one-thumb operation. No need to take your hand off that rod! Hook units have a very simple and easy-to-use menu. And they include a multi-window display that lets you quickly choose from pre-set layouts. You can choose to view the page options (GPS, Sonar, DSI or compass page) in full screen mode, or you can split the screen to view two of the features at once. You will never miss any action with a Hook unit on hand! • The LOWRANCE Hook units include AFRIKAANS as a language option! Lowrance is the only marine electronics company that provides this convenience for Afrikaans customers. Dis ‘n plesier! • Lowrance keeps stock of many spares and accessories for the Hook range. So you will never be left short if you require extra cables, transducers, mounting brackets etc. • Lowrance SA offers a three-year warranty! This is only available in South Africa – almost unheard of in global marine electronics circles! The rest of the world gets a one-year warranty on their Hook purchases. Most competitor brands only offer a one or two-year warranty. We believe in the quality of our products, and therefore we back them up. • Lowrance offers a 24-hour help line. Our technical manager - John Minnie, is always available on his cell (082 44 36 738) to help you out with any queries or other assistance. We really believe in offering the best service possible, which is why so we have so many loyal customers. • Lowrance is the WORLD LEADER in marine electronics and has been since 1957. Lowrance has never wavered from pushing the envelope of innovative performance - to help anglers find and catch more fish. We are the world leader for a reason! And we will welcome you to our circle of winners. All of the points listed show WHY the Hook 4 unit is the most popular 4-inch combo unit - it packs in basic high-end features, at entry-level pricing. Lowrance does not believe in removing necessary functions and features in order to manufacture cheap, but ineffective, units. • Hook units have a SOLAR Max screen, which means it can be viewed in direct sunlight. • Some competitor products do not include this technology. With our ever-lasting, bright South African sun, Lowrance find SOLAR Max to be a vital feature! Don’t miss out on any detail, whatever the weather conditions you’re facing. 08 The Hook models represent a radical approach to the basics. No gimmicks. No skimping or shortcuts. Just the basics the way they were meant to be: reliable, well-made and perfectly suited to your lifestyle. All at a price that’s honest and makes good sense. ***ALL of the above features are also available in larger screen size options. The Hook range includes a 4-inch, 5-inch, 7-inch, and a large 9-inch screen. The choice is yours! lowrance south africa