For our offshore customers – you can connect your VHF radio to our Hook 4 units (*with the use get their boat electronics SAMSA approved. really have nowhere to hide! You can choose to split your screen, or even overlay the DSI view on top of the 2D sonar view. It is important to note that Lowrance was the forerunner in viewing structure at such great detail - having invented the transducer element that allows for this DownScan view. And we have been improving on it. always trail behind. • The Hook 4 is a combo unit. It includes a very is easy to use. The Hook 4 comes with a basic background map, allowing you to mark waypoints and create routes and trails. However, most customers prefer to enhance their mapping detail by adding an external chart – you want to be able to view depths, drop offs, wrecks and reefs etc. BEFORE you get there, so that you know where to go to target the best fish. • The Hook 4 includes the very popular TrackBack feature. This feature enables you to scroll back through your sonar history so that you can view spots that you otherwise would have missed. You don’t have to waste petrol on your boat - just TrackBack! If you find a good spot, you can easily mark it as a waypoint by double-tapping Easy, fast and convenient. of TrackBack and have s ince added the feature to their range (following Lowrance… again). (sending out a sonar signal) even when the and this makes the LOWRANCE TrackBack more efficient. You can also move your cursor directly on top of the spot you want to mark and get the exact depth measurement. physically go over the point you want to mark with your boat. This means that your marks are not always as accurate, and you also waste want to mark. card slot in their entry-level range… but the Hook 4 does! And the card slot is very waterproof. It and inland anglers. You can even create your own chart by making use of Lowrance’s FREE mapping service – called Insight Genesis (*just changed name to CMAP Genesis). We listed all lowrance south africa 21 07