WHY HOOK 4? M ikala, our national sales manager, explains why the Lowrance Hook 4 unit is one of our best sellers. Among many reasons, she says “It’s because it provides a host of upmarket features at an affordable price!” There are other products which may seem to compete with the Hook 4 unit – in this article I will show WHY you should choose HOOK 4! The Hook 4 unit is our entry-level combo unit. It provides for both SONAR and GPS, among other awesome features, and all of these are compacted into a neat 4” colour-screen – making it the best value-for-money combo unit on the market. THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS TO PURCHASING A HOOK UNIT. I WILL LIST SOME OF THEM BELOW: • Hook units have a highly-detailed SONAR image, ensuring that you never miss a fish. CHIRP sonar both 83 and 200 kilohertz. do not make use of CHIRP sonar, and some only make use of single frequency – this means that you have less coverage area and less detail (in other words – LESS FISH). • The Hook 4 range also includes DSI, or picture-perfect view of underwater structure directly below the transducer. It is really easy to interpret – so if you’re unsure of what you were seeing on the 2D sonar screen, you can switch over to DSI and the structure will reveal itself. 06 lowrance south africa