NEW LOWRANCE SA WEBSITE www.lowrance.co.za c heck out our fresh new website…. which has just had a “facelift.”! In short, we’ve revamped our old site with a fresh appeal and updated it with ALL the brands and products we sell - including boating accessories, like underwater cameras, boat lights, Salt Assassin, Esca Lures etc. You will find our new website much more user-friendly – and it’s easier to identify which unit is best suited to your needs. We also have an “enquire” online option, so if you want more info on a particular product, just click the enquire button and an email will be sent to us so we can contact you directly and refer you to the closest dealer. 18 We’ve included a detailed support page, with current technical tips and links to very helpful short videos. There’s a detailed list of our brand ambassadors – so if you’re interested, you can feel free to contact them for advice. Soon you’ll also find a list of events (competitions, boat shows etc) where Lowrance is involved and you can catch up with us there! We hope you’ll be as excited about our new website as we are – and we look forward to your feedback! lowrance south africa