Lounger Magazine SD - Page 8

LOUNGER 2016 PROFILE FRANK GOLBECK: GOLDEN COAST MEAD Frank grew up in Southern California, surfing and studying, with a lot of opportunity to get involved in his community and learn from his mistakes. In high school he organized beach cleanups and lead environmental awareness campaigns. He helped start his high school's lacrosse team and served as student body president. Frank love's being involved and trying to make the world he experiences more joyful. Going to UC Berkeley on a Navy ROTC Scholarship, he studied International Development with a focus on India and Environmental Economics. He learned a lot about globalization and our modern economy. After graduation he served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the navy for four years where he learned a lot about working hard. One day, while in the navy, his wife asked what he'd do with all of the time, money and energy in the world. He told her he wanted to make mead and share it with people. Frank is grateful for all the support and opportunity to do so. Every day his business is involved in crafting a comeback for the bee. "I imagine a world that is abundant and joyful. I want Golden Coast Mead to be a force that helps to make it so." a 1% for the planet company, GCM gives 1% of their gross revenue to the Nieh Lab at UCSD “we want them to spread mirth, and arouse people to the beauty of life.” LOUNGER MAGAZINE | 08