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JACQUELINE OLIVIER H.G. FENTON Jacqueline Olivier is the business manager for Brewery Igniter at H.G. Fenton Company. She helped launch the innovative real estate concept in 2015 and continues to oversee its expansion. She joined the 110-year-old San Diego real estate company in 2014 and has worked in commercial real estate and banking since 2010. A proud Aztec, she has a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate from SDSU. jolivier@hgfenton.com www.breweryigniter.com BREWERY IGNITER H.G. Fenton Company launched Brewery Igniter, San Diego’s turnkey brewing facility, to help new and smaller brewers overcome the high upfront capital costs and long construction and production timelines associated with launching or expanding a brewing business. The first two Brewery Igniter locations came on the market in mid-2014 in Miramar where Pure Project Brewing debuted its Costa Rica-inspired brews and PB-based Amplified Aleworks expanded its production capabilities. Up next is CRAFT at Brewery Igniter North Park, a site on El Cajon Boulevard with three spaces for brewers. Pariah Brewing has announced it will occupy one of the spaces and two additional brewers will be announcing soon. All Brewery Igniter facilities come equipped with state-of-the-art, fullyfunctional brewing systems and tasting rooms. Entrepreneur brewers can rent the space and start production immediately so that their product gets to market faster with drastically reduced upfront capital investment and risk. Typically, a startup microbrewer must invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in brewing equipment, manage construction expenses and logistics and wait for a liquor license and their equipment H[]\Y[[[YYܙH^H[]\[[Z\\[ B]\HYۚ]\][ۈݚY\HXH[[وH\]Z\Y[œXH[[ܘYY\]H\\ZXܛ؜]\H[Y[[[X\ۈ\]]]PX[KX[ZH\]B\[۝˂ST000