Lounger Magazine SD - Page 22

19 LOUNGER MALAHAT SPIRITS CO KEN LEE Handcrafted San Diego Rum We seek out extraordinary ingredients, combine traditional techniques with experimentation, and handcraft it all from scratch to make the finest spirits. We are proud of every drop and will only produce what we love to drink ourselves. The Malahat The Malahat was a five masted schooner. She sailed down the West Coast during Prohibition. Capable of carrying over 60,000 cases of spirits, she delivered more contraband liquor than any other ship in the Pacific. Anchoring off the coast of Southern California, she delivered her spirits to rum runners who would take the precious cargo to shore to awaiting patrons. She quickly became known as “The Queen of Rum Row”. If you drank your liquor in San Diego during Prohibition, chances are your booze came from the Malahat. We searched for every molasses we could find and combined it with every yeast that we thought might work. For months, we distilled every combination on the experimental still. After many dozens of runs, we developed our proprietary combination of multiple types of molasses and an unexpected strain of yeast that has resulted in one of the finest rums we have ever tasted. We believe strongly that the best products can only be made from scratch. From raw material to bottle, we do it all. And we knew it had to be right, since it was the base for all of our rums. The nose is sweet with a hint of the tropics. It is smooth, clean, and crisp from start to finish. It comes only from the finest cut of the distillation run, making it smooth neat or on the rocks with a clean finish. That also makes it the perfect base for a wide range of craft cocktails. Three friends We set out to create the finest spirits for ourselves, our friends and our families. Our shared belief that the spirits industry could benefit from an infusion of innovation, experimentation and good old handcrafting brought us together to found the distillery. To execute our vision, we commissioned two copper pot stills. The large dual column copper pot still was custom designed to fit into the skylight of the production facility, the only spot in the distillery tall enough for the towering copper columns. A smaller “experimental” copper still was designed for small batches for research and development to create our innovative recipes. Malahat Spirits is currently focused on producing rum and whiskey. Fortunately, the production still is capable of producing any spirit, and more innovative spirits are on the horizon.