Lounger Magazine SD - Page 20

San Diego Sky Tours is a veteran owned / run business built to promote aviation in our community and share San Diego's sites and rich history with the public. Our pilots love to fly these tours in San Diego and it shows itself to our passengers. James Kapenas, Erich Moulder, Steve Donnelly, Earl Wederbrook, Bob James Kapenas and Ryan Poortinga started the company as part of Ryan's college business plan competion at San Diego State University. They received stellar accolades for their hard work and business plan. Ryan left for commissioning in the Air Force and now serves as a commissioned officer. Ambler and Phil Kendro are our tour pilots . They look forward to meeting y H[\[HZ[Y[\K[YYH\\[Y[ H][۝Y\HY[]H[H\ۘH [BܙX]\[\YXK]X]]Y[[YY^KB\X[X[[[]Y]\]HXZ\B\X]H܈[Y\X[\\[B۝X[[ŒM[۝Y\H[YYHLL”ۙN NJH MM NB˜[YY]\˘B\X[[\X[YHH\\[ LKBY\ۛYH[[]Y\ؘ]X˜\[HZ\ܘY[YYH\ˈ[H[\XYY\[\H\[H[H\‘PH]\و]]ܚ^][ۋH\[H\[^H\\H\وHٙ\[[ܙX\[›\\ܝ[[X[\\][YKۈY\][Y[و[Y\ؘ]Xܘ[K[YYH\ٙ\YY\ؘ]X[Y\ˈۂY\^H][Y[\]Xݙ\HZ[[˜\H[Z[Y[Z[[ܘ[BHY܂P \YX]Y[˂