Lounger Magazine SD - Page 17

ALL AREA CODES ARE WELCOME 619 VODKA NICK APOSTOLOPOULOS 619 Spirits, Host of Nicksology on ESPN Radio 619-940-6456 | 619-993-4405 Nick@619Vodka.com | http://619Vodka.com | http://Nicksology.com | Nick Apostolopoulos of 619 Vodka focuses on nothing but the very best that San Diego has to offer. Friendly and modest is something Nick radiates, but the passion for his vodka and the devotion to his city is unmatched. Though there is much competition, 619 flourishes as San Diego’s favorite brand, and stays loyal to its city by proudly endorsing the area code of its birth as its name. Not only is it lovingly created in small batches but it is also tested and bottled by hand to ensure superior quality time after time. So gather your group, get amongst the masses, have a highcaliber beverage in a spectacular city and, if he’s not vigorously inventing the world’s newest and hottest cocktail, give a friendly wave to Nick along the way. LLSD | 5 Lounger  |  17