Louisville Medicine Volume 63, Issue 9 - Page 4

We’re making new advances in digestive health. Join us. A division of Gastroenterology of Southern Indiana, Aquiant Research was created to explore new treatments and new approaches to improve the digestive health and quality of life of your patients…and patients everywhere. Our primary focus is on Phase II through Phase IV clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of new drugs or new procedures in treating disorders of the digestive system. 2630 Grant Line Road, New Albany | For your patients who are experiencing difficulties with their digestive systems — especially those for whom existing treatments have proven to be less effective than they might have hoped — participation in a clinical trial offers the possibility of first access to an effective new treatment, coupled with the knowledge that the participant may be helping to pioneer that treatment for thousands or even millions of others. The cost of all lab work, doctor visits, medications and supplies related to the study are typically paid for by the company sponsoring the study. 812.206.1702 | www.aquiant.com Learn More. To find out more about how Aquiant Research can benefit your patients, call Deb Walker at 812.206.1702 or visit aquiant.com.