Louisville Medicine Volume 63, Issue 9 - Page 29

SPEAK YOUR MIND If you would like to respond to an article in this issue, please submit an article or letter to the editor. Contributions may be sent to editor@glms.org or may be submitted online at www.glms.org. The GLMS Editorial Board reserves the right to choose what will be published. Please note that the views expressed in Doctors’ Lounge or any other article in this publication are not those of the Greater Louisville Medical Society or Louisville Medicine. FEELINGS (“Who-oo-oa - Feelings”) Mary G. Barry, MD Louisville Medicine Editor editor@glms.org I have long ago given up trying to remember details of the classification systems for the diagnosis of lymphoma. At one point I had studied four different ones (the Rappaport, the Working Formulation, the Revised European one, and then the World Health Organization one, which is current but constantly changing as new genetic data comes to light). I could not begin to enumerate the types of management systems for large organizations that have developed over the centuries. The first one I ever learned was from my grandfather, John J. Barry. For his family of nine, plus Grandma, plus Uncle Tony, the competition at table for each section of the newspaper was intense. His system was very simple: the fastest reader got to take any section from anybody at any time (including from himself). It was merit-based, fostered friendly competition, and worked smoothly to maintain the peace. (Grandma, however, did not adopt this system for,