Louisville Medicine Volume 63, Issue 9 - Page 18

ADDICTION IN RURAL AMERICA Waqar Aziz, MD R 16 ural Americans have received a rude wakeup call in the past few years. What they thought was only the plague of inner cities has made it to the suburbs and to rural America. Generations of rural Americans, and those that migrated from city to suburbs to live and raise their families in peace and tranquility, have found that utopian dream shattered. The harsh reality is that no one is immune from drug abuse, including the kid from the family farm, teenagers, the professional, the homemaker, and the factory worker. narcotic and how to bypass the anti-diversion modalities put in by the manufacturer. According to the CDC, 44 people die every day from prescription painkiller overdose. Opioids and benzodiazepines are the most comm ۛHX