Louisville Medicine Volume 63, Issue 9 - Page 14

(continued from page 11) Another topic I would like to include here is wellness. We started a wellness program at our practice that included strong support and accountability. We helped our patients to be accountable with their lifestyles including their dietary habits and exercise. The results were amazing! Many, many patients transformed their lives by eating healthier, losing weight, and turning their lives around. A few lost over 100 pounds. Many lost 30, 40, 50 pounds. We were able to discontinue several medications because their blood sugar and blood pressure improved. I have little doubt that several of them had sleep apnea that resolved with their weight loss. And they all learned how to eat healthier and made permanent lifestyle changes! How about that for helping patients be more accountable? And isn’t that part of what we should be doing as health care providers? We are moving into new models of care – from fee for service to pay for performance, from paper to electronic charts, from physician led practices to hospital owned practices, from the patient-physician relationship to patient satisfaction surveys, and soon there will be many patient visits that will occur via telemedicine visits. We are GLMS OFFERS EHR moving quickly into new models of care. The “unaffordable care act” has pushed us a step closer towards a single payer system. And the system we have right now is failing our patients. They can’t afford insurance. While this is not the only part of helping our patients get healthy and avoid the consequences of unhealthy behaviors, it is a very important issue that needs much attention in our health care system. It starts with you. Feel free to call or write me if you have any questions or if I can be of any help to you or your p