Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 89

I n a fiercely competitive world, I feel that a personal introduction is necessary to set Los Angeles Firm apart from the rest of the pack. The fiercest of animals wait in lay for prey. That kind of desire can be seen deep within the eyes of many animals. But, the fiercest of them all is a different breed of the human race. Yes, you guessed it. The fashion model! In beast mode with rein vented poses, a face that can crack a smile without showing teeth. Indeed, it is all in the eyes of this everso-slightly different blood line of human. The taller, the more fierce. The more gorgeous, the more competitive. 5’10 or better, no tattoos, no exotic piercings, beautiful skin, great teeth, healthy hair and a fit body of many different statures is the make of this uncontrollably fierce new breed. From the jungles of Brazil to the snow covered grounds of Moscow, this model has no limits. All she knows is to react to the habitat of the environmental setting at hand. “Lights, camera, action” is all it takes to get this beautiful beast going. BE FIERCE Los Angeles Firm is redefining what it means to be fierce. Own the moment casually while becoming a force on the runway or photo shoot. To be fierce is to exceed actual boundaries without looking like you’re working at it. To bond with attention that would frighten most, to confront those fears and tap into the center of your brain ( The subgenval anterior cingulate cortex) which is responsible for fear, emotion, stress, perception and a variety of other functions. Courage trumps fear when you lose yourself in the moment. And as a model you want to embrace the same traits as those before you. The true models who held their heads high and ripped runways or became historic with a classic pose and did it all with supreme confidence. Be fierce enough to light up a room as soon as you step in it. From your style to your lipstick, own it, wear it, don’t let it wear you. We are watching and so is the rest of the world. Be fierce enough to be discovered and when your time comes, be fierce enough to own it. JULY/AUGUST 2016 LOS ANGELES FIRM INC MAGAZINE | 89