Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 8

LOS ANGELES FIRM INC editor’s note L ast time we did a Makeup Extravaganza series with Part Four: Brush Games, I felt it wasn’t strong enough. I felt like it was almost incomplete. So, I took my time and put together the most profound material I could gather. I am, humbly, my biggest critic. I try to hold up my end of a pact between myself and the makeup communities everywhere to bring you the absolute best. However, at times, in doing so I actually bring out the worst. I wasn’t sure if I was super excited or just over playing the series all together. But, I can assure you taking my time with this one shows our growth and passion for the art. Nonetheless, I added hair to the equation as I found it was most relevant to coincide with makeup than any other art. As we continue to put forth our best efforts, we hope that you enjoy this fifth series of Makeup Extravaganza and we’ll continue to evaluate each series and strive to become better as we go. Thanks so much for continuing to support makeup and the artists who more than deserve the opportunity showcase before you all. Darcell Carraway President & Editor in Cheif next submission deadline for Makeup Extravaganza Part 6 Photographer|Kimberly Metz - Stylist|Julia Perry - Makeup|Nancy Nicholson - Hair|Giovanni Giuliano Art Department - Model|Caitlin Lawson Jacket by Jacob – For The Stars Fashion House | Dress by Yen – For The Stars Fashion House | Rings by Charles Albert SUBMIT TO US WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU AUG 15th | Please send to losangelesfirminc@gmail.com