Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 71

TIP 1: Moisture madness Always moisturize the face before any makeup applications. Add any eye cream to plump the eye are to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. To prime the skin for your makeup you can mix Clinique Smart Oil Treatment with any primer to help rebuild lipids and prep the skin for that flawless application. TIP 2: Color My Face Pretty Most women love to be made up, and makeup gives us a boosted level of confidence. Face: Foundation and BB Creams can both give an intense pay off if applied right. You can mixed your favorite foundation with a moisturizer to give it just enough color pay off. Cheek: A little goes a long way with blush, Try sweeping the tip of your brush into the blush of choose, tap off excess and apply starting at the middle of your cheekbones brushing downward to the apples of the cheek Strobbing: The new highlight method of choose for many women. Stobbing gives you a natural yet dewy finish. To create this look you will highlight the brow bone on the top of the brow and on the side closes to the eye, the top of the lip, the chin, and the cente of the nose. Strobbing works best with more cream highlights that reflect light well. MAC strobbing cream or Clinique hefty highlight are my top favorites Tip 3: kiss me now Most men can stand lipstick just because it transfer so easy. Ladies we love color but I men dont. Here is a tip to help keep your lipstick on right and your kisses out of site. Lipstick: lip liners will help to keep your lipstick from bleeding and they also give great color payoff. Liquid lipsticks will dry matte and usually wont transfer but just to seal the deal, take a translucent setting powder and blot it over your lips with a sponge. This trick will also work for regular lipsticks also. Tip 4: Set in Motion Always finish off your look with setting spray. Its helps your look last longer and it keeps your makeup from looking powdery and dry. I recommend MAC Fix+ for dry combination to oily skin and Clinique Moisture Surge Setting Spray for drier skin “Makeup is what you Make up, enjoy every second of it” written by: Chelle Johnson GLOBAL GROUND BREAKERS