Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 66

The Editor’s Cutt by: Darcell Carraway Without knowing a lot of the references here, I am not sure if my editing is thorough. Lots of names, but little real content here. Definitely proof read this for accuracy. New York, New York fashion week notably the crème de la crème of fashion weeks everywhere was at the top of its “A Game” this year. Mercedes Benz always has the best show, but this year, the 8 designer show at Angel Orensanz Foundation had one of the greatest shows of all times. Art Hearts Fashion NYFW was one of the best showcases ever put together. Show stoppers like designer Catch Michelle and the collection “Dream Walker”, designers Charles and Ron classic women’s wear, “Saints, Love and Mediterranean lights” was without question a crowd pleaser. Yet, designer of the year, 2015 Walter Mendez, stole the show. Walter Mendez produced one of the most epic collections of our times. The ever so stunning collection maintained a darkly seductive yet youthfully elegant appeal with more than impeccable embellishment and lace detailing. The show was proudly sponsored by The Fashion Social Network, Make A Wish, Privé, Vektor Vodka, Monster Energy, Illy Issimo, Soy Joy, Luna Bar, Kristina George Handbags, The Angel Orensanz Foundation, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Carat23, Monticristi, Scruples, and Makeup Pro. Bravo to the production team and its partner’s Lead stylist Tyler McDaniel, Producer Rosete Inc., Parker Whitaker productions, Boulevard Nightlife Group/ Boulevard Hospitality Group, Getty Images Photographer Arun Nevader, Noctem Group and AHF. This is definitely a show worthy of checking out next year.