Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 65

THE VISIONARY The truth about products So, let me get this right. How dare you makeup critics or bloggers ever in life disrespect the makeup communities worldwide by providing false information on cheap products for free samples. I’ve reviewed your write-ups and your resumés. You are not even qualified to offer a professional opinion on anything. You fake so-called professional bloggers sell your souls by comparing and scaling products with a high rating because of who they are or the fact they gave you free samples. Surprise, I’m here to expose you. My people ought to know the truth about this racket. I know from experience and from purchasing several products that are said to be amazing time and time again in several blogs that you critics are scammers. There are honestly only 10 products that have surfaced in the last 15 years even worthy of being topic of discussion. Anything else is said to be great solely because a celebrity is behind it. Yet, many are not at all great or worthy of an honorable mention. I swear to you, they are all trash and a waste of money and time. The elite makeup artists we feature wouldn’t dare find room in their kits for such low quality products. The only products we recommend are as follows: Miss Mascara, Tyra Beauty, Ka’oir Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lash Republic, Laura Mercier, Vise Art, J Beverly Hills, Reveal Beauty and Melt Cosmetics. Everything else is poorly manufactured, too oily, horribly packaged, not built to last long, or just flat out sold on the pretense of a being great because of celebrity ownership. Trust, if I didn’t mention the brand it’s probably not up to par or not worthy of the mention. As the saying goes, “sorry, but not sorry”. I’m actually irritated by products passing as quality that just don’t measure up through and through. It seems everyone has a beauty product and it reminds me of when everyone had a clothing line in the mid-2000’s or back in the late 90’s. This is similar to the last 7 years when everyone now has a magazine. I know this is not my most flattering piece, but it’s raw, real, and had to be written. by: Darcell Carraway JULY/AUGUST 2016 LOS ANGELES FIRM INC MAGAZINE | 65