Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 43

What is your favorite natural hair color? Blonde, Brunette or Red head? Red Head, no question What would you say to aspiring hair stylist? Make sure you have a passion for hair, and remember, there are always new things to learn, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, take classes. But most of all, have f un, don’t be afraid of the hair, if one style doesn’t work change it up. Never fight the hair, just go with what it wants to do. How many different hair products have you used on clients over the years? Hundred’s, their always coming out with new and fun products. Have you ever used J Beverly hills products? Yes I have, it’s a great product that’s very affordable with a large variety of products. How does it feel to be honored as such an elite hair stylist? It’s a such a great feeling , working on hair is never work for me, it’s like breathing, a natural thing , its like having a shot of happiness every time I do it. What is your favorite Fashion week worldwide? Paris without a doubt , then New York What inspires you to carry on as a hair stylist ? Its oxygen to me, there is no greater feeling when a client is in a horrid mood, and by the time they leave they are laughing and smiling because they feel and look beautiful. We as hairstylist aren’t there for just the money, we help build their confidence in our clients, and we are their therapist.