Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 41

ART TRUE TO THE with LEANNE HARE Surely, you’ve all been inspired by someone else. That’s what life is all about. Well, I can’t begin to articulate how this young lady, Leanne Hare truly inspired me to feature a hair-stylist for a change. She has become one of the biggest influences on Los Angeles Firm since we started. Her work is just inexplicably amazing and makes me think of a trendy slang term to sum her up, “sick”. And I use that in the most flattering, positive connotation possible! Truly ahead of her time, Leanne is in our top 3 worldwide and believe me when I say I’ve seen thousands of hair stylists. Someone recently asked me to spell amazing and I replied “L.e.a.n.n.e.” But, hey I’m not one to try to sell you a dream, I’ll let you decide for yourself. So tell all of the hair stylist out there what your secret is? How do you create such magical art? Honestly, I can’t really say there is a secret, it just happens for me. But if I had to say, I’d say having a good solid base when you curl the hair is the most important. Give the hair time to set before brushing the hair. Remember hot hair is soft so the curls fall out fast. When the hair has time to set, say 20 mins. The curl will last all day. What is your favorite and most used hair product? Kenra thermal spray and Paul Mitchell soft spray, you can’t go wrong with those two Kenra thermal spray will help set the hair, and paul Mitchell soft spray is a easy workable spray so you can change looks easily and not have to worry about the hair getting sticky. For a good solid hair spray I go with Kenra finish spray, or Big Sexy. Those will hold for those big back combed looks with lots of volume. How does it feel each time you transform someone into a total different look? AMAZING, nothing beats transforming the hair into something the client thinks they can never have. What is the most amazing project you could imagen working on as a hair stylist ? Model, Photographer, Wardrobe and location? I would love to work with Photographer David Lachapelle , Model Lindsay Ellingson or runway model Sophie Touchet, designer Alexander McQueen , and in Ireland. Who did you look up to when you first started or even to this day? Besides Barbie? You know, I couldn’t even give you a name, but I can tell you that the stylist who did the hair in the movies made from 1940’s -1960’s they were my idols. The hair in movies back then were flawless, never a hair out of place. That was 100% talent. Who’s your favorite model? I’d have to say Tyra Banks , shes been a beauty from day one, and still is. Plus she always changes her hair which I love. How many pieces are in your hair kit? About 75 tools and product, but I always seem to use the same 4 tools. JULY/AUGUST 2016 LOS ANGELES FIRM INC MAGAZINE | 41