Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 34

Did you invest in modeling at any point in your career? Yes, I did invest in modeling at the start of my career. I paid a good chunk of my savings when I was in grade 12 to have my portfolio started with my agency, Charles Stuart International. It was definitely worth it to work with pros! Where are you from exactly? What motivates you? Who is you favorite model? Well there are millions of things that motivate me so that is a hard one to answer. I guess like everyone- happiness is my motivation. I really want to live a life I’m excited to do everyday around people I love and cherish and travel to all areas of the globe with them. All these things have been my dreams for the future and it has been a huge driver to get me to this point and keep me pushing forward in the future. I actually have a lot of favorite models but one person I love to watch is Candice Swanepoel because I love seeing a healthy figure with muscles be such a force in the modeling industry. I also have a local model I love to watch named Samantha Ravndahl (@ssssamanthaa) - she is not only dropped dead gorgeous but so positive and full of all these warm fuzzy vibes. I love her- check her out! I was born and raised in Vancouver! Did there ever come at time where you felt you couldn’t do this full time? No not at all- I love working hard being a busy bee and it definitely helps when your modeling to be at it everyday constantly networking, going to castings, working out, eating healthy and using social media and a website to boost your portfolio as well. It’s a lot of work every single day and shoots/events are only one piece to the puzzle, either way I never took a day off since I started and I love it that way Who inspired you to become a model? What would be your dream shoot? (Location, wardrobe, hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer?) My dream shoot would be to be shooting for either Sports Illustrated or Victoria Secret alongside the other huge supermodels right now- that would be out of this world amazing! With Mario Testino on photography! Did you ever think in your wildest dreams you would make it this far? I was first inspired to become a model when I was in grade 3 or so when I started religiously watching Americas Next Top Model! Tyra was a huge part of that love I found so I would dedicate my first inspirations to Tyra- I even watched her talk show everyday for a few years (until it stopped airing). I honestly had no idea! Before I started modeling I was working at a fast food restaurant dreaming of this job...when things finally started to play out for me I just took it and ran with it and never looked back. But I can say that I always hope for the best but expect the worst and be grateful for every little journey that I encounter. Did you ever think of giving up on modeling? What is your favorite shoot of your career thus far? There has been many times where I considered giving up modeling but I’ve come to realize that no matter what other endeavors that are keeping me from doing it all day, I will always continue to model as often as I can and continue to pursue amazing opportunities that come my way. I love it too much to quit altogether. My favorite shoot was by far a shoot I did for Ben Nye Cosmetics at IMATS with the famous makeup artist Spencer Barnes. It was pretty surreal to be hired by a widely used makeup brand and have my makeup done by someone who works on red carpet faces like Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough!! How long have you been modeling? Describe the feeling you get when you are in front of the camera? I have been modeling for almost 2 years! Still a solid 5-10 years of life left in my career stay tuned! To be honest, being in front of the camera is a small piece of modeling to me. I absolutely love the creative process of putting the shoot together as far as concept, location, wardrobe, makeup, hair etc etc. Then my absolute favorite part takes place after- receiving the pictures! It’s the before and after of the shoot that keeps me inspired, motivated and passionate. Was it better for you coming into modeling or is it better now in terms of the setting’s you often find yourself placed in? I would say that when I began just about 2 years ago it was pretty much the same as it is now. There’s some jobs that blow your mind by how awesome they are and there is some that you don’t care as much for, it’s very across the board both then and now. What is your favorite color? Favorite color is blue! Although I prefer to wear shades like grey/ white/black/beige- it’s very trendy right now to be in neutrals. What would you say to aspiring model’s? don’t take anything to personally. Like if you don’t get chosen for every casting you go to, you have to have the self confidence to snap back from that without being hurt or losing confidence- you win some you lose some but it has nothing to do with your worth, never forget that. Always stay true to yourself. How can fans get a hold of you to reach out to you if they have questions for you or just want to follow your latest modeling ? I always love when people reach out to me! You can contact me in a million ways because I have pretty much any social media channel but here’s my top 3(1) Instagram! @courtneyclc or my health page @fiercefitnesscc (2) Facebook- you can find me at facebook.com/modeling.updates (3) My website www.courtneyclc.com genetics PHOTO