Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 29

ESSENTIAL ART Describe the feeling you get when others recognize your art work as some of the best in the world? Very flattering. Art is very subjective from person to person though. To some it may be the best in the world, to others they may not think so. How would you best describe your art work? Light hearted with a touch of edge. What motivates you to keep coming up with this amazing art work from project to project? What are a few highlights of your career as an artist? Creating the interactive Happy Meals for Mc Donalds Fairies and Dragons with Fuel Industries. My Two short films. “I Like Pandas” and “The Good Little Bunny With The Big BAd Teeth.” Re designing “The Looney Tunes” and directing the “Merrie Melodies” for “The Looney Tunes Show,” Producing my First series for Warner Brothers “Bunnicula” Emmy Nomination for producing the DC Nation short “Stamina” Warner Brothers How can someone hire you for a project such as an animation movie? Just the desire to create and share stories and visuals with people. Write me an email to tell me about the project. If it interested me a phone call to follow. How many major projects have you done throughout the course of your career? Probably a good 15. Where can our readers catch up with you and view more of you amazing art? My instagram is the best place, @ jessicaborutski How long have you been doing art? Since I was old enough to hold a pencil. JULY/AUGUST 2016 LOS ANGELES FIRM INC MAGAZINE | 29