Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 28

Who recognized you and gave you the break you needed to become reconized? My recognition came mostly from a short film I created and produced myself called I Like Pandas. It became pretty viral and I won Best Flash Film of the year award 2007, by Channel Frederator. What made you want to become an artist? The love of drawing. I loved the appeal of animated characters. The first time I saw Mickey Mouse move on screen I wanted to figure out how to do that. What kind of mark to you want to leave on the art communities worldwide when it’s all said and done? How do you come up with characters, I mean how does one vision these types of subjects? Most of the characters I come up with are 50% in my head and 50% inspired by the person/ animal in life. I take characteristics from real life then interpret them in my style. By doing this I can get very unique relate able characters that feel real. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? ESSENTIAL ART People usually comment on the appeal of my characters. Also that they are drawn with great structure. My favorite cartoon as a child was Black and White Mickey shorts from the late 1930’s early 1940’s. I loved the Mad Doctor and MInnie’s Yoo Hoo -Jessica Borutski What are some of the compliments you get on your work? People usually comment on the appeal of my characters. Also that they are drawn with great structure. Where are you originally from? I am originally Ontario Canada. a small town. I my childhood in fields. from Ottawa I grew up in spent most of forests and Do you have other interest besides art? Yes I love hiking, travel,yoga,movies,wine,walking around and sipping coffee. I basically just like to explore. What is it about Art that first attracted you? How you can be transported out of your reality and create a new world on paper. Do you consider yourself to be a funny person? Sometimes, but Im not usually a quick witted person. My jokes are usually thought out and communicated visually rather then verbally. Basically you won’t find me at a party cracking jokes, I’m better at coming up with humor at the drawing board. Id like people to look back at my drawings and get a spark of inspiration the way UB IWerk’s drawings of Mickey inspired me. When I see fan art or children’s drawings online of my designs it makes me happy that people like the design enough to want to draw it themselves. It’s the biggest compliment. Who are some of the individuals that influenced you as an artist? UB IWERKS BOB CLAMPETT MAX FLEISCHER JAMES JEAN CHUCK JONES HAYAO MIYAZAKI CHRIS SANDERS MARY BLAIR What are some of the projects you have lined up for the near future? (after April 2016) Finishing my book “Toaster Head” also a WB project I cannot yet release the title for.