Los Angeles Firm Inc. Magazine July/Aug 2016 - Page 22

ALTER EGO Adriana Karras - Model Photographer - Emmanuelle Choussy Hair - Armando Romeo Cabral Stylist - Shelby Stasenka Makeup Artist - Phillip Silvas Makeup can be overrated and some wouldn’t know great makeup if it slapped them in the face. Most people actually settle for the person with the cheapest price as apposed to the best work. Fashion is not the only niché where we’ve seen that happen. Well, the double-likeness of Phillip leads us to his alter ego Lulu Alexander. Lulu happens to be a fabulous makeup artist with a cocky diva-like attitude. Many have seen or know someone who has the whole “you can’t tell me nothing about makeup attitude”. Ask Lulu about makeup, and Lulu would say, “I am makeup”. Lulu will bring out the best in any model and the work speaks for itself. I caught up with Lulu and a fascinating interview followed. What is your favorite and most used makeup product? Who did you look up to when you first started or even to this day? My most favorite makeup brand is Charlotte Tilbury!! She is a brilliant makeup artist that knows how to relate to every woman out there. These products are high quality and each product is treated with rich, healthy ingredients into it. Making this new monarch cosmetic line a natural and easy makeup to use. I looked up to my mother for the most part. Without her teachings in the arts i wouldn’t be the artist today. In the early days she embrace my love for art and sought to buy all my art supplies and teach me as i am her apprentice. How does it feel each time you transform someone into a totally different look? Grace Jones!!! she is fearless, fierce, and rebellious. She doesn’t give two f***’s and always gets her way. I can relate to her characteristics in my makeup performance. Thus Lulu Alexander is my alter ego in the makeup game. Who’s your favorite model? I love it when the client is done and she sees herself like she never seen fireworks before! It is an amazing feeling and see the joy of excitement in there eyes. After that then she’s What would you say is the highlight of your making love to the mirror and taking countless career? selfies. I have to say when i did Paris Hilton. My What’s the best tip you have for up and comcareer got bigger and people were booking me ing makeup artist? every week. I can honestly say it takes that one to make it big and it did. Im blessed it helped Educate yourself everyday to perfect your my makeup career explode and again i am craft. Everybody is different, learn and listen very grateful. to the client.