Loquaciousness Fandom Magazine Volume 2, Issue 5 (January 2017) - Page 6

It was Friday night. Finally. After a long and stressful week, I was just waiting for the perfect moment that would change my life. I was planning to propose to Annabeth. To tell you the truth, I had the idea ever since Tartarus. I wouldn't have fallen into Tartarus for anybody. But, I was

nervous. So many things could go wrong. I

wanted this to be the perfect proposal. I had even bought a ring. It was crafted by my Cyclops brother, Tyson, out of gold, with a trident and an owl in the center. The owls eyes and the tips of the trident were

studded with sapphires, contrary to the

popular diamonds. I had carried this ring with me ever since it was made, looking for the

perfect moment. I can't very well propose to her when we're fighting a monster, right

But when I got a call from Jason, I got a

brilliant idea. (Yes Wise Girl, I do have ideas

and I plan too )

The Proposal

A Camp Half-Blood Chronicles

Fanfiction written and submitted

by Devika the Demiwitch

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